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Get Your Home Holiday-Ready With This Checklist

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You’re probably overwhelmed with the hustle and bustle of preparing for your holidays, but don’t worry! Below are a few tips to get you started on this exciting journey.

Create a Holiday Checklist  

There are plenty of things to do before the holidays, but you mustn’t forget them! To avoid having an incomplete or messy house for a family visit over Christmas dinner (or simply because they’re coming), ensure your checklist includes every task necessary. You can either write out each step on paper in an old-fashioned way if that works best with what kind of pencils/eraser etc., or download an app that will allow compiling lists from various apps like grocery store circulars already organized by date completed – no matter how simple tasks seem too quickly check off when finished.

Time Management Is Your Friend 

Holidays can give stress, if you’re not prepared. By creating a realistic timeline and checking off each task as it’s completed, we’ll have ourselves one happy household by December 25th!

Making sure that all activities are planned out in advance will make this season much more manageable, especially with everything from decorating to cooking and volunteering on our list. Here comes 2023 – let’s get started today.

Don’t lose hope when you’re overwhelmed by the prep work ahead! Minimizing distractions and blocking your schedule are two great ways to stay on track. You can even ask friends or family members what they think would be helpful for their schedules- maybe someone could help with cleaning windows inside/out during this period? There’s no shame in seeking professional assistance if needed; plenty of resources exist that will get any task completed quickly & efficiently.

If you’re looking to make your home sparkling clean and ready for the holidays, Window Genie has all these professionals who can help. They’ll even bring their expertise outside if necessary, so everything around is perfect!

Start at the Top of Your Checklist for Every Holiday Party 

Hanging holiday lights on your roof is one of the most daunting tasks. If you do it, be sure to have a clean surface and bring durable gloves for protection from frostbite! You should also hire an experienced professional if possible as this job can get messy—and dangerous too since cold weather makes things more complicated than usual without proper equipment or know-how (don’t even think about trying.)

Clean Windows  

Cleaning your windows is essential to ensuring that all the lights in their display glow well. If you have dirty or smudged glass, it will be hard for any sparkle from those twinkling stars to come through! Make sure front-facing surfaces are dust-free before hanging up decorations this year so people can see how amazing they look on Christmas night.

Prepping Decorations for Display

It’s time to put your holiday decorations on the list! You’ll want them in good condition, so inventory and check each set. If you don’t know what needs repairing or replacing just yet – make sure it is near the top of the checklist; this includes lights as well (there are few things more frustrating than spending hours hanging festive strands only for some not to light up when plugging). The easiest way? Untangle the cord before starting the installation process–this makes fixing any damaged bulbs/strands much easier.

Get Help Checking Things Off Your List 

The holidays can be fun, festivities, and celebration for friends or family members who know how much work is involved in making the season perfect. But it’s also stressful when you’re struggling with finishing your holiday list before December 25th rolls around! You could take some stress out by hiring professionals like Window Genie to do all that hard labor, so YOU don’t have to go through each task on top of being thankful already–but I think we all want our homes enhanced during this. Special occasion, too, right? Well, now there are specialists just waiting patiently outside every door, willing to help create customized displays tailored perfectly according to nine individualized needs while taking everything down afterward, which means no more prep.